Genuine laptop battery for CLEVO W540BAT-6

$ 55.27

Battery Information:
Battery Voltage: 11.1V
Battery Capacity: 5600mAh (62.16Wh)
Battery Type: Li-ion Battery
Condition: new genuine Battery
Battery Color: Black
Warranty: one year

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Genuine laptop battery for CLEVO W540BAT-6,6-87-W540S-427,6-87-W540S-4271,6-87-W540S-4U4,6-87-W540S-4W41,6-87-W540S-4W42,For Aquado M1519,Nexoc B509II,CLEVO W155EU,W155U,W540EU,W545EU,W550EU,W550SU,W550SU1,W550SU2,W550TU,W551SU1

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