Genuine laptop battery for SUMSANG NP900X4D series

$ 84.81

Battery Information:
Battery Voltage: 7.4V
Battery Capacity: 8400mAh (62Wh)
Battery Type: Li-ion Battery
Condition: new genuine Battery
Battery Color: Black
Warranty: one year

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Genuine laptop battery for SUMSANG 900X4B-A01DE, 900X4B-A01FR, 900X4B-A02, 900X4B-A02US, 900X4B-A03, 900X4C-A01, 900X4C-A04DE, 900X4D-A01, NP900X4C-A01CH, NP900X4C-A01CN, NP900X4C-A01IT, NP900X4C-A01SG, NP900X4C-A01US, NP900X4C-A02CH, NP900X4C-A02SG, NP900X4C-A03CA, NP900X4C-A05AU, NP900X4C-A06US, NP900X4C-A07, NP900X4C-A07US, NP900X4C-A0ADE, NP900X4C-E01HK, NP900X4D, NP900X4D- A02AU, NP900X4D-A01CH, NP900X4D-A01ES, NP900X4D-K01DE, NP900X4D-K02CN

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